Recent Happenings


Friday night was our annual “Talk Like a Pirate” dance.  Charlie Shoemaker was our caller.  A festive table and treats were provided by Lis, Allan and Hazel.

pirate group       4353

pirate treats       4357


The 2017 officers were installed this evening.  They are:

President – Bev Cook

1st Vice President – Dave McBride and Deby Bigdely

2nd Vice President – Scout Saylors

3rd Vice President – Jean Austin

Secretary – Joyce Dyson

Treasurer – Rich Bond


The guest caller for the evening was Vance McDaniel


This evening we graduated at the plus level a great group of people.  Welcome to the world of square dancing.


Friday night saw plenty of dancers dressed in pirate attire attending our annual “Talk Like a Pirate” dance.  Guest caller was Mac McCall who came dressed as the main character of the evening.  Great calling, great food, and great fellowship was had by all.


Happy 50th Anniversary to Tuckahoe Square Dance Club.  the event was celebrated by a dinner for members on Friday and a dance on Saturday, September 10, 2016, to celebrate this milestone for the Club.  Jimmy Roberson was the guest caller, Jim Adcock cued rounds, and Pamela Moore did a couple of line dances.

A special “thank you” to all you dancers who supported the dance.  We had over 13 squares in attendance.  It was a great dance and everyone enjoyed themselves.  And thee was plenty of food thanks to our Club members.



What a delightful surprise we had on Friday, July 1, 2016.  We had over 72 dancers attend and enjoy Bob Clinebell’s calling and Pamela Moore leading lines.  Bob did a very good job of calling and the dancers really enjoyed it.  We also recognized those members with July birthdays – and there was a lot of them.  Even one on July 4th along with the birth of our great country.  IMG_5009

Eleven dancers from Colonial Heights attended the dance to get back their banner.

Your support of Tuckahoe Square Dance Club is greatly appreciated.


Mel and Bonnie Hazell from Canada visited our Club on April 15, 2016.  They both are very friendly and fitted right in.  Club members, the caller,  and guests all enjoyed visiting with you.  Mel and Bonnie you are welcome back to visit any time you are in the area.


Graduation for new dancer class was held on April Fool’s day.  There was no joking of the pride we took in issuing square dance diplomas to our new dancers – all at the plus level of dancing.

Congratulations to each of you.

A big “Thank You” goes out to all the angels who helped with the class.  Great Job!!!


We traveled to Circle 8, Richmond and stole their banner.  Thank you for a great time and all the good food and fellowship.



There was an unexpected competition at the dance on 3-11-2016.   George Jordan, the caller, rose to the occasion and set to the task and started calling the tip.  At one point, George told the dancers, “you asked for it” and kept on calling calls such as “teacup change and crossfire”.  Both the men and women square did well and there was no clear winner.  However, in the men’s square it is easier to identify which dancers are doing the female part (the ones with the petticoats on).


Several of our dancers took advantage of the Leap Year 2016 by dancing at Colonial Heights dance on February 29, 2016.  Not only did the dancers receive their Leap Year badge, we also took their banner.  Now it is their turn to visit us and retrieve their banner.


Even though we had to change our location for this dance, we still had a great turnout with at least six squares on the dance floor.  Members of Square Edges from Newport News, VA braved the rainy weather and traveled I-64 to steal our banner.  A great time was had by all as we danced to the calls of Charlie Shoemaker and lines by Pamela Moore.


What a great dance with seven (7) squares on the floor dancing.  The Stepping Stones from Syringa was present in force with 10 dancers to retrieve their banner.  Tuckahoe and other local clubs were also well represented.  Thanks to everyone who attended and made the evening a success.  Ken Jordan called a great dance as usual.


HAPPY NEW YEAR.  We wish everyone a great 2016.  Over nine squares of dancers brought in the 2016 at our New Year’s Eve dance.  Gene Chamberlain was our guest caller and George Springer cued rounds.  A great time was had by all with plenty of food, dancing, and of course fellowship.


There were ghosts, goblins, witches, fairy princesses, and many dancers at our Halloween Costume Ball.  Some came in costumes and others came just to enjoy the dancing.  A great time was held by all and we even had a couple from Laurel, Maryland join us for the evening.

There was five different areas for the costume contest and each winner received a prize.  The important thing – a great time was had by all as Art Lavigne did the calls and Butch Bloxom did the cueing.


Seventeen members of the Tuckahoe Square Dance Club went to Circle 8’s Ice Cream Social on Thursday, August 20, 2015.  The ice cream was great and the fellowship was even better.  Thank you Circle 8 for inviting us.


What a huge success our Open House was.  We had approximately 100 people in attendance.  Thank everyone who made it a success.  At one time we had eight squares on the dance floor.

The newcomers to square dancing had a good time learning some of the basic steps of square dancing called by Gene Chamberlain.  Lines dances led by Pamela Moore were done between tips.  Everyone had a great time.  Hope to see many of you back for lessons which start in September.


Well the Fluvanna Flutterwheels did not get to keep their banner long.  Tuckahoe Squares numbering 14 traveled to Palmyra on Saturday and stole the banner back.  Since the banner had been home less than 24 hours and needed some rest — Tuckahoe decided to honor this request and left the banner with the Flutterwheels.  It is noted, Tuckahoe still has two of the Flutterwheels banners.  Great job Tuckahoe.


Patty Greene from Monroe, NC was our guest caller.  It was the first time she called for our Club and in the Richmond area.  She received a great reception with over seven squares in attendance.  She even convinced Jeremy Butler to join her in doing one tip.

The Fluvanna Flutterwheels from Palmyra, VA retrieved one of their banners with 9 members present.    It was nice to have you visit us and we hope to see you again soon.

The Square Edges from Newport News, VA were well represented and was able to steal our banner.    We are already making plans to retrieve the banner.


Circle 8 Square Dance Club brought a square of dancers to the Rock N Roll Dance and took our banner.  Thank you very much for supporting our Club.  We plan on visiting your Club on 8/20/2015 to retrieve our banner.


Temple Beth-El Education Center rocked to the Oldies as Jimmy Roberson was our guest caller at the Rock N Roll Dance.  The poodle skirts were visible as well as the rolled up t-shirt sleeves and jeans.  Elvis made a special guest appearance.

DSCN5727 (640x480)


Tuckahoe Squares was well represented at the National Square Dance Convention in Springfield, Mass.  A small reception was held on Friday evening for Club members and some friends.  A great time was had by all with plenty of dancing.


Nelson Wakeman was our guest caller as we enjoyed an evening of dancing and fellowship.  In addition to recognizing those members with birthdays and anniversaries during the month of June, the Club officers for 2015/2016 were installed.  Steve Ragland did a great job as MC for the installation.


Dorey Park in Richmond was the location of the Tuckahoe Squares Annual Picnic on June 7, 2015.  Approximately 50+ people attended the event.  Gene Chamberlain, caller, and Diane Hollins, line dance leader, provided the group with the opportunity to square and line dance.  Other activities included eating, games, and fellowship.  A great time was held by all.  Almost forgot the inspection of Gene’s truck.


Banner raid at Fluvanna Flutterwheels, Palmyra, VA.  We hope to see them at our Club soon as we now have three of their banners.