How much does it cost to dance?

We charge $7 per guest dancer for regular dances.  There may be an increase for special dances.  This is published on the flyers which are available on this website.

Do I have to wear square dance clothes?

While we welcome square dance attire, it is not required. For our theme dances we encourage everyone to join in the fun and dress to the theme if they can. Whether you dress in square dance attire or appropriate casual attire, you are always WELCOME.

Do you offer square dance lessons?

YES. Every September we start a beginner dance class that runs through March, for a nominal fee. There is also an Open House evening scheduled for September 18, 2018.  The open house is your opportunity to join us for an evening of fun, at no cost to you just to try it out.  You will be given instructions on some of the basic steps of square dancing.  Then if interested, the class is held every Tuesday evening at Quioccasin Middle School cafeteria (9400 Quioccasin Road, Henrico VA) and continues thru March.

For more information you may email us at tuckahoesquares@gmail.com or call 804-640-5440.