Tuckahoe Update 7-31-2018

We had a great “Beach Party” dance last Friday with Dick Otis calling to some good beach music. Dick had some new calls for us to dance to that made it more fun, especially that peel-off call!!! Everyone had a fun time!! Diane was leading the line dancers which added to the fun evening. Linda and Patty provided the refreshments and décor. With the beach umbrellas, seashells and nautical decorations, you might have thought you were at the beach!!  There were flip-flop cookies, buckets of shark fins and beach balls, and lots of yummy snacks. Thanks to Dick, Diane, Linda and Patty, and to all the extra hands that came to help set up and decorate for our fun “Beach Party” dance.

This Friday Dave Eno, National Caller from Syracuse, New York, will be our guest square dance caller. This is Dave’s first time to call for Tuckahoe Squares and we are looking forward to having him call for us. George Springer will also be cueing for all the round dancers. So come and join us for another fun evening of square and round dancing.

August 3rd            Dave Eno/George Springer          Heidi and Mark Merritt
August 10th          Ken Jordan                                      ICE CREAM SOCIAL – CLUB PROVIDES
August 17th          Bob Clinebell                                  Peter & Roberta Opper
August 24th          Larry Winegard                            WATERMELON DANCE – CLUB MEMBERS
August 31st          Chris Stacy                                        (open)

Still need sponsors for August 31st.

August 11th   RSARDA – WATERMELON DANCE with Gene Chamberlain calling and Calvin Crofford cueing. We will be dancing again at Pinchbeck Elementary School,  1275 Gaskins Road, Henrico, VA.  Early Rounds from 7:00 – 8:00pm and 2×2 8:00 – 10:30pm Mainstream with announced Plus. Come join the fun with “Watermelon and Dancing”. Casual Attire. Cost: $9.00

September 22 – Circle Eight is having a dance at Holladay School with Vance McDaniel and Jim Adcock.  Early rounds at 7:00.  Mainstream/Plus with rounds from 8:00 to 10:30.

Let’s “Load the Boat” with everyone square dancing and enjoying the fun.

Bev Cook, President
Tuckahoe Squares Dance Club